Coming soon: An Unexpected Adventure

What would you do if you were faced with a long awaited albeit unexpected adventure?

In a world filled with dangers, mysterious myths, and adventure; young Katina “Kat” of Talendoo finds herself thrust into the most unexpected of circumstances. At just 16 Kat’s entire world is turned upside down, and finds that she must fight in order to survive in this unforgiving world.

Awaking to find herself in the middle of a mysterious field, Kat attempts to find her way back home only to stumble upon the peaceful and humble Pikat people. There she meets several new friends of all kinds, both human and non-human. Little did she know this would mark the beginning of a much larger adventure of which would change her life and the lives around her forever.

Alongside her newly found friends she bravely faces the monstrous villain and his fiendish minions whose strength is overwhelmingly terrifying. After the sudden loss of what matters most to her, Kat must find a way to live with the many trials and tribulations that are thrust before her. Growing up in a secluded forest kept her from ever experiencing anything in the world beyond her forest home. Can she really face the frightening monsters of the outside world? Or will she be overcome by the harsh realities she must now face? These questions plague her, pulling on her weak heart. However, one way or another Kat is forced into the adventure that she had always craved as a child.

Whatever the outcome may be she is determined to see what path life has in store for her. For the first few years of her life she was isolated from the outside world, she had always wished to go on an adventure. Now finally she is thrust into the middle of the very adventure she always wanted, her wish finally being granted. She now has new friends, and a new mystery filled journey to embark on… What more could she ask for?

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