Squirrelly Blood Pressure

Have you ever sat and watched a squirrel? They are fascinating. From what I have seen they rarely stay in one place very long; bouncing here and there, running from one place to the next, they are simply going going going. That is the way my blood pressure was a couple of months ago. It would go high, then low, then high, then somewhere in the middle, then high again. It was crazy and I felt absolutely terrible. Of course it would have to happen when the Covid19 crisis had just swung into full gear. Doctors weren’t letting patients come in. Everyone was being told to stay home. What was I to do?

My sweet worried husband got me in to be seen with a wonderful doctor who was kind enough to give us the green light to come in. So into the doctors office I go. It was almost like walking into a well regulated ghost town. Never had I seen it so quite in those facilities. The staff was there, of course, and few patients could be seen here or there but the usually bustling building was eerily quiet.

Fast forwarding a month, the medication the doctor prescribed me was wonderful. It took two weeks for my blood pressure numbers to stabilize, but once they did the numbers quit bouncing around all over the place and finally settled down into a nice steady regular set. Unfortunately, while the medication did what it was suppose to do, right from the beginning I developed a most annoying side effect… a dry cough.

Now, normally this wouldn’t bother me. However, when one of the main symptoms of Covid19 is a dry cough it proves to be quite bothersome. The looks I would get when I had to get out to take care of business were not nice ones and yes, I wore a mask. People were not so nice to anyone who had a little cough and understandably so, but still…. come on!

I was very happy when the doctor changed my prescription to something else, but it had its own side effects that my body just wanted to try out it seems. Whew! That was quite the roller coaster the new medication put me on. While it is stabilizing a bit now I don’t think I will lose all the side effects the new medication has to offer.

I do appreciate the medication and its control it has over my squirrelly blood pressure, my hope is to one day rid myself of it. Who has time for twirling beds, nausea, and swollen ankles. Not this gal! I’ve stories to write, hiking to do, and dragons to chase down.

Until next time…

Welcome to my new website!

Hello hello! Its been quite a while since I’ve done blog posts. I remember when I first started trying to build an online presence. I did so through blogging. However, I never really knew what to blog about. So my blog posts ended up being ramblings from the mind of a person who was dealing with sleep deprivation brought on by child rearing, stress, and the desire to write, write, and write some more. Needless to say my blogging never took off.

Then, upon finishing up my first book “An Unexpected Adventure” and publishing it, I needed a website to help promote it. Thus my next attempt at building an online presence began. I built a website with descriptions of myself and my newly printed book as well as a link to purchase it. As time went on I added testimonials from folks who read “An Unexpected Adventure” and a sneak peak into the first few chapters in the hopes of enticing others to try it out. It was a lovely site, but got very little traffic.

Eventually, I caved and started a Facebook page. Once again, I am faced with what am I going to post? Am I going to post every day? Most importantly, why am I doing this? I never did find a good answer to these questions. Facebook to me is psychologically disturbing. Yes, a person can try to offset the negative with positive but ultimately, what is it doing to one psychologically. In my case, it turned me into a mess. So while I do have a Facebook page, I rarely post to it and I try to avoid Facebook as much as possible. It’s crazy, I know. Unfortunately, this is how I am.

Which brings me to now. Here I am, once again, building a website. My previous one has disappeared due to some dissatisfaction with my previous hosting service. I am back to square one with the same questions as before with the most important question being, “Why have a website at all? What is its purpose?”

Over the next few weeks, as I work to rebuild, I hope to discover an answer to these questions. In the meantime, WELCOME! I am so happy you are interested in me and my stories. I hope to see you many more times in the future.

Until next time, may the dragons you encounter be ones of wisdom of kindness…